FutureQuals Level 2 Award in Ambulance Driving


1 week (56 Guided Learning Hours)


The Level 2 Award in Ambulance Driving course is essential for anyone wishing to drive ambulance vehicles on a non-emergency basis, predominantly those involved in patient transport services. Attendees will be tutored by a fully-qualified, accredited, experienced tutor in order to gain the knowledge and practical skills required to drive ambulances safely, with patient safety and comfort paramount.


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Course Content

Vehicle Daily Inspection | Legislation and Driving Regulations | Braking | Steering | Transmission Systems | Acceleration | Multi-Lane and

Motorway Driving | Reversing | Vehicle Safety Systems | Overtaking | Driving in Adverse Conditions | Confrontational Behaviour | Navigation During Driving |


All successful attendees will receive an Level 2 Aware in Ambulance Driving Certificate recognised by all NHS trusts and private ambulance services, and take the first step on their road to a career in the Emergency Services.


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