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A UK market leader in Emergency Response Driver Training

EMSTAR is the leading provider of qualified and experienced tutors to the Emergency Services throughout the UK, Ireland and the Middle East.

We work with NHS Ambulance Trusts, Fire & Rescue Services, Airport Fire Services, Police Forces, Independent Ambulance Services and various other organisations within the industry, as well as offering courses directly to the public.

Our tutors are all fully qualified and experienced within the emergency services, both operationally and in a training capacity. We hold the appropriate accreditation with Future Quals, IHCD, RoSPA, Qualsafe, amongst others.

More detail about what EMSTAR can offer you and your organisation can be found throughout this website, alternatively please don’t hesitate to call our Head Office on 0208 522 1853.

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ERDT Training:
FutureQuals Level 2 Award in Ambulance Driving
FutureQuals Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Response Driving
RoSPA Emergency Response Driver Training (ERDT)
Airport Emergency Response Driver Training
Clinical Medical Training:
Qualsafe Level 3 First Response Emergency Care (FREC)
Qualsafe Level 4 First Response Emergency Care (FREC)
First Person on Scene (FPOS) Basic
First Person on Scene (FPOSi) Intermediate
Other Training Programs:
First Aid At Work (FAAW)
Equality and Diversity Awareness Training
CIEH Level 2 Award in Conflict Resolution and Personal Safety


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Q1   How long has EMSTAR been running ERDT (Emergency Response Driver Training) programmes in the Republic of Ireland? 
EMSTAR has over 17 years of experience providing ERDT courses to the emergency services throughout the Republic of Ireland and beyond.

Q2   Who needs Emergency Response Driver Training?
We undertake ERDT for a wide range of students. Anyone hoping to have a career within the emergency services would usually require some sort of emergency response or “blue-light” driver training qualification. This includes, but is not limited to, those working for ambulance services, fire services, police services, Ministry of Defence, HM Coastguard, Mountain Rescue Teams amongst many others.

Q3   What are the prerequisites for attending an Emergency Response Driver Training (ERDT) course with EMSTAR?
You will need to have evidence of your ability to claim exemptions relating to ERDT. You need to hold a driving license for the vehicle training is delivered in and evidence of any qualifications you want considered as part of any Recorded Prior Learning.

Q4   How long is the training?
Training is typically two weeks long but does depend on the course chosen, your experience and how the course is to be delivered.

Q5   Where are courses delivered?
Courses are normally delivered from one of our dedicated training facilities in Bristol and North Weald in Essex. Courses can also be delivered from the clients site worldwide.

Q6   What standards apply to the courses?
All ERDT courses are assessed against the standards detailed in the High Speed Driver Training Codes of Practice.


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